BBS Trail Ride Bulgaria

July 2017
Greece Ride Videos

Videos and Footage from our July 2017 Greece Ride from Bulgaria to Greece and Back.

Our drive from Bulgaria to Greece, a roundabout route via Lake Iskar, several flat tyres, an unintentional trip to the Macedonian border, we finally reached Greece. Our first trek was to Meteora using a rough very old copy of the TET trail - we saw 8 wild tortoises within half hour.

We started at Meteora to follow a very early version of the TET route. Towards the Pindus mountain range. It began over a lovely pass then onto the trails, a few river crossings and a pretty washed out trail.

Kavala in Greece to Samokov in Bulgaria - 294km - we had a quick pit stop at the local go kart track... Arriving in Bulgaria we attempted some trails, it didn't go well....

Back in Bulgaria we had a ride out to Black Rock from Borovets... It was our final day - 9 days, over 2000km, 3 international borders, epicness 100%.... - No body takes you further.